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BWI And CLE, Various Questions & Observations

Tue Jul 23, 2002 10:18 am

Dear Gang,

This weekend, my travels took me to BWI and CLE. I have some questions and observations about both.

What are the gate assignments for AA and FL these days at BWI? I noticed AA 757's at D2 and D4; just a few weeks ago AirTran was using those gates. All AA used to have in that concourse was TWA's old D3. Second, I noticed an American Eagle Saab at D45 in the commuter wing; isn't that awfully far from regular AA gates? Third, I noticed a row of AirTran planes parked at the east wing of D, on the side facing the int'l terminal. I thought US still was using that area. Fourth, UA and YX are still at A concourse; when are they moving to D?

Regarding CLE: I got a good look at the runway construction from the air. The northern 4000' or so of the new runway are mostly built, but ends abruptly just short of Abrams Creek. The ravine has not yet been filled in, and the land needed for the southern 5000' of the new strip does not seem to have been prepared in any way. What's the story with that?

Also, I noticed that the four finger-corridors on the east side of D concourse, used by CO Express for turboprops, are still there. Aren't those being torn off to make more ERJ parking positions with jetways? Any update on that?

What's up with the boarded-up windows on the administrative office block at the foot of the CLE control tower? They look like h-e-hockey sticks.

Saw CO 739's at both airports. Very cool.

Need a new airline paint scheme? Better call Saul! (Bass that is)