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Flight Simulator

Fri Oct 08, 1999 5:29 am

#1- Airport 2000 volume 1
#2- Airport 2000 volume 2

Hello. I e-mailed Wilco publishing but they haven't wrote back so i'll ask you. A couple of questions about Airport 2000 voulme one and two.

1. How do you get in the buildings in # 1? I kmow it is Y(Slew) something.

2. One # 2 how do the piston sound do they have the learjet sound or the real sound.

3) does the Euowings and Kingair pistons just start up or does it sloly go around than faster and faster etc.
Thanks for your help.
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RE: Flight Simulator

Fri Oct 08, 1999 5:33 am

1. You get in the building by pressing the Y key and then moving around with the arrows.

2. They have the learjet sound.

3. There is sort of a delay in the startup of the piston. The props rotate aliitle slower at first, then rotate fast.

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