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Airlines To Mongolia

Fri Oct 08, 1999 5:53 am

Does anyone know how one could fly to Mongolia (i.e. what route and airline) from the United States?

My humblest thanks

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RE: Airlines To Mongolia

Sat Oct 09, 1999 5:12 am

Basically, you have two choices, via Seoul or via Beijing. Korean flies there once a week, on Tuesdays with A300s at 7.40 am. MIAT Mongolian Airlines has two flights a week, but I doubt if you'd be able to book those in the US.
As for Beijing, you have two 733 flights a week with Air China or three 727s with MIAT. Air China has a better safety record than Korean Air (then again, who doesn't), but I think Korean Air might well be your best choice from a convenience viewpoint. I don't know where you live, but if you took a night flight on a Sunday from Newark (KE 92), SFO (KE 26), LAX (KE 12) you could connect directly to Ulanbataar.

Don't forget - you will most probably need a visa to get there. Probably difficult to get in the US, so you might want to allow plenty of time.
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RE: Airlines To Mongolia

Sat Oct 09, 1999 5:42 am

If you wanted to go the long way (this is only if you live on the East Coast) you could fly Lufthansa to Frankfurt or München, fly to Berlin Tegel, and connect to MIAT Mongolian Airlines, who I believe fly out of Schönefeld. And fly non-stop to UlanBataar. This is definitely a long way to go, but you'd get to experience an airline may people have never (and probably never will). Personally, I would not go this way. Then again, I probably will never go to Mongolia.

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RE: Airlines To Mongolia

Sun Oct 10, 1999 6:12 am

For your info' MIAT Mongolian Airlines have their own site on the web. Blah...If you ever fly to Ulan Bator, make sure you tell us about your experience. That is one adventure I would love to read about. B-707
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RE: Airlines To Mongolia

Sun Oct 10, 1999 8:25 am

Hello Blah!

I would add another alternative not mentioned yet: Aeroflot via Moscow: you could leave the USA from SFO, LAX, SEA, JFK, MIA, WAS, ANC,... (maybe flying B772 or B763, or, if you appreciate and have the opportunity, a Russian-made plane) and make a connection to Mongolia, flying probably a Tu-154 or a IL-86.

Meanwhile, one thing is sure: whatever way the traveller choose, it will be an adventure! (man, I'm from Brazil and I don't have ANY idea of how Mongolia looks like!)


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