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What's Your Favorite Airline? Why?

Fri Oct 08, 1999 11:38 am

Just out of curiosity, I just wanted to see what the most popular airline was according to the response to this question.

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RE: What's Your Favorite Airline? Why?

Sat Oct 09, 1999 5:01 am


Wonderful cabin crew, flight crew, aircraft, service, home base, plus, well . . . everything. They really are the best - and decent with the old jump seat as well.
(Of course, from my pseudonym, you might well accuse me of being a little biased, but it's still an airline I'd willingly go out of my way to fly with.)

RE: What's Your Favorite Airline? Why?

Sat Oct 09, 1999 12:49 pm

I totallyagree with Kaitak,my favourite airline is also:


Why? It has the best service with innovative products. Check out their new First Class and you will known why!

I flew their new First Class recently from LHR to HKG on aircraft regsitration B-HOS and the service was excellent. I am also a Diamond member of their Marco Polo Club.
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RE: What's Your Favorite Airline? Why?

Sat Oct 09, 1999 1:52 pm

Sorry, I have to break off the Cathay Pacific train, as I have never flown them. I fly frequently to London, and generally fly British Airways for convenience, as well as good service, but once I did fly Lufthansa, and it was excellent, enough to prompt me to say that they are my favourite airline. I'd like to fly KLM, because I hear they are very good, but in order to fly KLM for an hour on the AMS-LHR route, I'd have to fly Northwest for over 7 hours, and to me that just ain't worth it. I think that the Lufthansa crew was very professional, plus the showed the moving-map-display the entire flight, except during the movie and a news presentation. Terminal 1 in Frankfurt is recently been re-done, yet already smells like cigarette smoke. The clean cut LH operation is consolidated all to Terminal 1, as well as all Star® partners. Obviously I speak English, but I also speak German, but the only time that was needed, was when I went to the observation deck, and Herpa shop. The guy there didn't speak English. BTW, if you are at FRA, the last time I was there the observation deck was DM5 (around US$2.50) and worth it. You can see the whole field, just make sure it's a nice day, or be prepared to weather the elements. The day I was there the café was closed so we had to stand outside in driving rain, but it was definitely worth it. I've kind of got off track, all I meant to say was, Deutsch Lufthansa is my favourite airline.

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RE: What's Your Favorite Airline? Why?

Sun Oct 10, 1999 8:29 am

I admit that I have relatively few experiences to compare them to, but American is my favorite airline. I have also flown WN, UA, PSA, and Great Lakes. I fly roughly 80,000 miles a year with American, and I have not yet had any problems with their service, their quality, or their people. I have flown Premium, First, Business, and in the Main Cabin, and the experiences are consistently good. Also, I like AA as a company... they are actively involved in the community and, despite recent labor woes, I believe that Don Carty recognizes the importance of his employees and wants to get along with them. I will venture to say that I do not doubt that there are better airlines around - Midwest Express I'm sure is one of them - but for what American does (catering to a clientele that includes not only business executives and celebrities, but also the average Joe whose biggest concern in choosing an airline is the fare), they do very well.