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Airshow Poll @ Cnn.com

Sun Jul 28, 2002 6:05 am

There is a interesting poll right now @ http://www.cnn.com homepage.

It is asking if Airshows should be stopped and banned? Does anybody agree with this? Last time I checked 30% was saying yes and 60% was saying no.
Go and make your vote.
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RE: Airshow Poll @ Cnn.com

Sun Jul 28, 2002 6:31 am

I already voted.... NO! NO! NO!

RIP those who died. But I am sure something can be done to make it safer, without stopping them.
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RE: Airshow Poll @ Cnn.com

Sun Jul 28, 2002 7:21 am

lol when i read it, I thought that it was talking about the airshow map on the monitors inflight  Smile I get it now, though  Big grin I voted no

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RE: Airshow Poll @ Cnn.com

Sun Jul 28, 2002 7:25 am

The 400m (or so) rule was not enforced in the Ukraine, that is why so many people died.

It was introduced after the ramstein crash, to try and eliminate casualties in amongst spectators in the event of a crash.

This is why everyone was safe at Biggin Hill last year when the two aircraft crashed.
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RE: Airshow Poll @ Cnn.com

Sun Jul 28, 2002 7:39 am

And it is typical that the news will present a poll like this without any background information. Have they explained the rules which are strictly enforced at U.S. and U.K. shows? (I will make the assumption that most European shows have roughly the same safety standards....) Did the news look into the safety standards which may or may not have been in place at the Ukraine show?

No wonder we have people who are clueless making decisions, reacting not on knowledge but on gut emotion. Sigh.
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RE: Airshow Poll @ Cnn.com

Sun Jul 28, 2002 8:47 am

Oh like who cares what CNN has to say about it. This is just a trigger-happy reaction. Airshows will continue to be a part of the world as long as theres an atmosphere. Typical CNN. May I suggest that we improve safety standards in airshows universally as opposed to just banning them all?

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