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Ultimate Flight Lesson

Sun Jul 28, 2002 12:58 pm

I was having a flight lesson today and when turning base for touch and goes on runway 19 at MQY (Smyrna, TN) I was asked to expedite my base turn because I had traffic coming in quickly... The only think that caught me by surprise was the the traffic was an F-18... as we turned final the F-18 broke right (to my left) at 1500 ft agl directly above the runway numbers... immediately following, he was requested to extend his downwind as the cessna traffic was still on final (and I was going quite slow I might add!). It was nothing short of an incredible sight - unfortuantely he didn't see us waving (or so we doubt)... I think its quite impressive to think of the cash I made the government spend as my final approach was so long and slow...
Regardless, those are huge airplanes when compared to the picture we see... The aircraft was based out of San Antonia, TX and was the equipment of LT _ _ Petrock I believe... Sorry, I can't remember the 2 initials preceding the following name. He looked like quite an impressive captain flying a ship such as that...
Wow - that was certainly a flight lesson I'll never forget.