New Technology

Sun Nov 01, 1998 7:27 am

Im most interested in all the new technology that is being developed for commercial aviation.

Like Alaska Airlines want to set up a system where a chip in your frequent flyer card will automatically check you in and assign you a seat as soon as you walk in the airport.

Southwest Pilots can conserve fuel by using a thinkpad type commuter that calculated all factors for take off more accurately so they can set the optimum take off speed that is the safest as well as the most economical.

Have you heard of United's Skypath, it is software developed internally my United, its like Southwest take off software but it calculates every possible factor you could ever dream off for the entire flight and so they say tons of money by conserving fuel. Like 1-2 million a month and its not even installed on the entire fleet yet.

Anyway does any one know off any more inovative ways airlines are saving money and make air travel easier. If you can think off any I would appreciate greatly thanks.