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Exits On 767-300

Sun Oct 10, 1999 4:21 am

Hi there,

I've noticed that the latest 767-300, especially those flying for charter airlines are equipped with two big doors before the wings instead of the emergency exits over the wings. Will the more ancient models be modified or will they remain with the over-wing exits?

Was it problematic for Boeing to introduce that change and why didn't they do it when the 767-300 was designed?

Thanks for explaining this to me!
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RE: Exits On 767-300

Sun Oct 10, 1999 6:22 am

As far as the exits go, there is an option between three for the 767-300's. So, depending on the airline's choice, they can have [4-doors, 4 window exits], [ 6-door, 2-aft wing exits], or they can opt for [6-door, 2 window exits]...