GE 757?

Sun Oct 10, 1999 11:20 am

Is it true that there are some 757's with GE engines. I thought that PW & RR were the only two manufacturers of powerplants for the 757. If true what airline has GE powered 757's ?
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RE: GE 757?

Sun Oct 10, 1999 12:49 pm

Ever 757 is powered by RB211 or PW2000 engines. There are no GE powered 757s.
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RE: GE 757?

Mon Oct 11, 1999 6:29 am

Correct. Interesting story on that topic. GE was in the process of designing an engine for the 757 when it took Boeing's suggestion and instead worked on an engine for a new 737. It's the CFM56 and the rest is history.
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RE: GE 757?

Wed Oct 13, 1999 6:27 am

I heard that GE did not wont to spend money in trying to develop a down-graded engine being used on the 767.