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Airline Club Member(no-fly) Allowed Past Security?

Thu Aug 01, 2002 7:48 am

Are airline club member who are not flyin on that day allowed past security check points at U.S. airports? I remember reading on some airline websites that they allow this...

RE: Airline Club Member(no-fly) Allowed Past Security?

Thu Aug 01, 2002 7:51 am

This privilege was unrestricted for a short period of time. Airline club members, complaining about paying up to $600 a year for clubhouse memberships and not being able to use them to meet people, were allowed through security with the standard photo ID in addition to their club card. However, many people were abusing this privilege and just hanging around the gates or restaurants and not going to the club.

The policy has recently been changed (about a month and a half ago). Now, one must call at least 24 hours in advance (can be waived) and reserve a conference room in the clubhouse. The clubhouse will put your name on a list at the security checkpoint so they allow you through. Then you actually have to show up, and those using the lounges for legitimate business purposes can still use them.
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RE: Airline Club Member(no-fly) Allowed Past Security?

Thu Aug 01, 2002 7:57 am

The rules have changed several times in the past months.....after 9/11, there was no access, then the rules were relaxed and access for non-flyers was allowed, but then the rules changed again since it was decided that free access when not flying maybe was not such a good idea. I believe the situation now is that if you want to use an airline club when not flying, and you are a member in good standing, you must make advance "reservations" with the clubroom at the airport and a club room attendant will arrange for you to be cleared through security and then escorted to the club. A bit akward.

These are the rules in the US at this time as far as I know, as mentioned, there are constant changes so I may be wrong. Outside of the USA, the rules are determined on a country by country basis, of course, so its probably best in all cases to check this out with the subject airline.
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RE: Airline Club Member(no-fly) Allowed Past Security?

Thu Aug 01, 2002 8:20 am

I actually used this priveledge this weekend, in MSP. The process is relatively painless. You call up the club, on the direct number, and tell them that you would like to arrange a business meeting. They ask you for all of the important details, like your club number, and the time of day you expect to be at the airport. I showed up at the airport, went to the designated line, which with NW is the elite line. Went through security, and then to the club. No one escorted me, and I do not have to reserve a conference room. Since I pay for two club memberships, and use them for business, this is a priveledge I think is worth having. Often times I am able to meet a client who is transfering through MSP have a meeting for an hour or so without having to pay for an extra trip. This is also benificial, because if they had to leave security you wouldn't necessarily have the time to hold a meeting, and re-clear security. I think the new rules are good, better than the just show up and show your card. I hope they keep this priveledge. BTW I saw the list on the day I went through and there was a grand total of 5 people on the list, so my guess is that a lot of people are not going to go through the effort of calling ahead and making the arrangements. THat is just been my experience with it.

Of note I know that UA has not extended this priveledge to non-traveling RCC members.