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Malyasian At EWR

Mon Oct 11, 1999 2:32 am

OK, I was out biking / spotting again this Friday (Friday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm seem to be real busy)in Northern Nw Jersey and think I finally saw a Malyasian 777 at about 4:30pm. I know it was a 777 and am pretty sure it was Malyasian, but I was only able to see it for about 5 seconds. Can anyone with good knowledge of EWR tell me if I was correct? It would be a good airline to cross of my list. Thanks.
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RE: Malyasian At EWR

Mon Oct 11, 1999 3:45 am

Yes, they now fly three times weekly to EWR, via Dubai (now there's a long sector!). I think its Wed, Fri and Sun. Nice aircraft. I haven't seen a Malaysia one, but I'm sure it was a very pleasant sight. Hope you got some good shots!
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RE: Malyasian At EWR

Mon Oct 11, 1999 4:34 am

Malyasian Airlines does fly to EWR with a B777, but they fly there in the morning. They usually arrive at EWR aroung 9am and leave by 11am. So it might have been delayed that day!!!!!
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RE: Malyasian At EWR

Mon Oct 11, 1999 11:28 am

Indeed, that was a MAS 777, although make sure you get pictures of it soon as the winter months are coming and if they repeat what they did last year, MAS replaces the 777 on that route with a 747-400 due to the winter headwinds across the Atlantic, makes the DXB-EWR run a little too much for the 777 that time of year. I must say they are a wonderful carrier, flown them across the Pacific from LAX to Taipei and enjoyed it immensely.