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Why Do U.S. Carriers Not Fly To Dubai?

Mon Oct 11, 1999 10:57 pm

At least I don't know of any that do.....but I would figure Dubai, Bahrein and Sharjah would be profitable destinations. TWA used to fly to all of these. I wonder why no U.S. carriers do anymore?

RE: Why Do U.S. Carriers Not Fly To Dubai?

Tue Oct 12, 1999 12:13 am

TWA has indeed stated that there intent is to dramatically increase their presence and market share in the cities of Cairo, Riyadh and Tel-Aviv. I'm sure that they're considering other cities as well such as Dubai, Bahrein or Muscat. I would watch for any news about these services coming mid-2000.


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Tue Oct 12, 1999 2:43 am

Pan Am used to fly 7 days a week into the gulf, but quit in the late 80´s..using B-747sp nonstop flights out of JFK.

Destination was Dhahran, Saudi Arabia which is just a 10min flight away to Bahrain.
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Tue Oct 12, 1999 4:20 am

Air Canada has two non-stops to Tel-Aviv daily. One from Toronto, and one from Montreal. Both aboard 767-300ER. Hope that helps. I'm surprised more American carriers don't fly to that region. Maybe its because of the problems in that area.
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RE: Why Do U.S. Carriers Not Fly To Dubai?

Tue Oct 12, 1999 4:45 am

Sorry, Cody, I don't have the answers for your questions, but I have to agree with you: that region would be EXTREMELY profitable for airlines from North America.

Some days ago, I was watching TV and by chance I watched a documentary about Dubaï. I became impressed! They have buildings, shoppings, companies,... that we here in Brazil don't have at all! The quality of life and aquisition level (power to buy things) are told to be equivalent to those found on top countries such Sweden and Canada!

On the aviation field, just take a look at Emirates! See their services quality, see their finances! It's amazing! Very few airlines in the world may be compared with it!

Maybe in some years American and Canadian airlines will be looking at that city/ region. By now, all we know is that Emirates will be using the new A340-500s on non-stop (top-!) services to the USA. Maybe after them, others will follow this way... I hope!


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RE: Why Do U.S. Carriers Not Fly To Dubai?

Sun Oct 17, 1999 2:56 am

Malaysia Airlines has done pretty well with its one-stop EWR-KUL serving stopping at Dubai. MAS is in fact the only airline flying non-stop from the US to Dubai using the Boeing 777 'Luxury Jet'. With its new code-share plan with Northwest...NW should soon be code-sharing with MAS on the route.

RE: Why Do U.S. Carriers Not Fly To Dubai?

Sun Oct 17, 1999 3:05 am

Thats funny, because I had heard that MH is not doing very well on the EWR-DXB run. Oh well.

There simply is not enough demand for a US carrier to fly to DXB, not enough to fill the size of aircraft you would need, i.e. a 777 or 744. DXB's popularity is much more due to the fact that it is an excellent connect point, but there simply is not much O&D traffic at DXB.

Perhaps you will see more US carriers codesharing to DXB in the near future. Hopefully the new terminal at DXB will help improve the airport, which I found to be a little scary.
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RE: Why Do U.S. Carriers Not Fly To Dubai?

Sun Oct 17, 1999 1:08 pm

C0767-224ER is right. Dubai is a pretty small market on its own,and most airlines, especially long hauls from Australia and the US would not make much money flying there. Qantas is in the same position, Emirates is getting a lot of transit traffic through Dubai to fly to Australia and Asia(hence they are increasing their presence here in Australia in a big way), and Qantas claims thee is no need for these services as they are basically fifth-freedom poachers.

But I would guess that Dubai would be the first choice IF any airline does want to make a presence in the Middle East market. It is a very cosmpolitan city and the place is trying its best to make transit traffic stopover longer.
As for Muscat and Sharjah, these are much smaller cities so they would not be high on any list, although Sharjah does have a reputation as a cargo hub.