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Billings Flight Schedule And Aircraft Changes

Wed Aug 07, 2002 4:03 pm

Hello all,

Just thought I would group together all the equipment changes/new flights BIL will receive this fall/winter.

First off, United is discontinuing their Sunday morning 757 (flight 1290) service to DEN on 9/1/02, replacing that flight and the arrival Saturday night with an A320. United flight 422 will be opperated by an A320 on all days for those times as well....

United flight 1675 (737-300) will be replaced with a 737-500 (flight 1184) on 9/5/02. The afternoon Air Wisconsin BAe 146 flight to DEN will remain the same.
Next, America West Express (Mesa Air) is beginning CRJ (-200 I believe) to BIL from PHX on October 27th this year. Two flights will run to and from billings a day. (old news to some)
Also, Horizon Air is finally replacing the Fokker F-28s  Sad(they'll be missed) with CRJ-700 aircraft early next year. They will replace all of the flights to SEA (only destination served non-stop by Horizon through BIL)
Also there are rumors Delta is considering replacing the MD-90 flights with Skywest CRJs, but the new timetable doesn't reflect the rumors, fortunately.
Northwest discontinued their DC-9 service to MSO and GTF from BIL but their BIL-MSP flights remain (opperated by DC-9-30s)

Thats about all I believe, if anyone knows anything else, please post it here  Smile.