Trouble With Time Zones!

Tue Oct 12, 1999 10:41 am


For a future flight I was looking at several flights to LAX to AKL on NZ (Los Angeles to Aukland, NZ on Air New Zealand)

I found several good flights but I am really having a problem understanding a particular one.

If you go to the Air New Zealand website and type in a date of FEB 22 2000 It will show several departures and one of them FLIGHT 53 a 767 has two stopovers but no change of planes. I thought the stop overs (Honolulu and Roratonga I think) would be exciting because I have never seen those areas before but I am totally confused about the time differences and what time it would be when we land at each one.

If anyone has any info about flight 53 on NZ I would appreciate you telling me about it

If it hits those airports at night I might as well take a direct flight!

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RE: Trouble With Time Zones!

Tue Oct 12, 1999 11:09 am

easySabre was perfect for could enter an airline and flight number and it would tell you that flight's schedule...unfortunately, easySabre is offline...sigh...

It's worth noting that airline schedules are generally published with each time local to that city. So the listed takeoff time in LAX would be Pacific time, with the listed landing time in HNL in Hawaiian time. That said, there is the info for flight NZ 53, courtesy of Travelocity:

Flight: Air New Zealand flight 53  
Aircraft: Boeing 767  
Depart: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Tue., Feb. 22 6:50 pm
Arrive: Honolulu, HI (HNL) Feb. 22 10:50 pm
  Travel Time: 6 hours  
  Mileage: 2553  
  Smoking: No  
              --Layover time in Honolulu, HI is 1 hour 25 minutes
  Equipment: Boeing 767  
  Depart: Honolulu, HI (HNL) Tue., Feb. 23 12:15 am
  Arrive: Rarotonga, Cook Isla (RAR) Feb. 23 6:30 am
  Travel Time: 6 hours and 15 minutes  
  Mileage: 2942  
  Smoking: No  
              --Layover time in Rarotonga, Cook Isla is 1 hour 10 minutes
  Equipment: Boeing 767  
  Depart: Rarotonga, Cook Isla (RAR) Tue., Feb. 23 7:40 am
  Arrive: Auckland,New Zealand (AKL) Feb. 24 10:55 am
  Travel Time: 4 hours and 15 minutes  
  Mileage: 1874  
  Smoking: No  

  Total Time: 19 hours and 05 minutes  

Thank YOU

Tue Oct 12, 1999 11:19 am

Thanks for typing all of that

You can see from another post of mine about web iste gripes that I was quite tired of the constant red lights that planning a flight by the web can bring up.

THANKS AGAIN for the info!