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B737 vs. A320

Thu Dec 17, 1998 7:17 am

If you were to start an airline out of Heathrow with flights into Europe, which aircraft would you choose and why?
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RE: B737 vs. A320

Thu Dec 17, 1998 7:34 am

I would choose the 737-400 as my aircraft ... Maybe the 700 too
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RE: B737 vs. A320

Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:13 am

It's easy to choose a plane but it seems to be not so easy to explain why that plane.

I would like to know the real differences between the planes you refer but the only thing I read is about beauty or about engines that are bigger or smaller

Beauty or nice colours don't saves money, what saves money is fuel comsumption, maintenance, load factor, ticket prices, airport taxes, ground handling, routes taxes, slots taxes, employes payments, to be better than competition, new ideas, etc, etc.

I don't know what plane would I choose. I like both the 737 and A320 and I'm not an expert on this matter.

Maybe this will begin another "hot" discussion (as I like) but I don't care, It's what I think.

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To Mirage

Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:59 am

Lufthansa, when they began their fleet renewal, discovered that the 737NG could not be flown on the typical Luftansa flight, the distance of the typical flight could not be flown profitably with the 737NG because of the new larger wing which was designed for long distance flights.
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Thu Dec 17, 1998 9:07 am


That's exactly the kind of things that decides the airlines choices and nobody talks about here.

You get my point, thanks

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RE: B737 vs. A320

Thu Dec 17, 1998 10:59 am

737-700 or -700 bbj do to the job best.