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Info On Delta's Low-Cost Strategy

Fri Aug 09, 2002 11:54 pm

The following came from Delta Newsline, the daily information for employees. It looks like Delta Express will stick around, but that some new product will also be introduced.

More on DL’s low-cost strategy 4:37 p.m. 8/8/02
While the specific components are not finalized, Delta’s low-cost carrier strategy is designed to meet customer demand for low-cost service and builds on strengths to compete more aggressively with low-cost carriers. The strategy is more than just a low-cost carrier response. It’s designed to leverage all of DL’s competitive advantages – the company’s market leadership in Florida and on the East Coast, the low-cost experience with DL Express, and the power of the fleet and technology – to enable DL to thrive in the new airline industry environment. DLX will continue to be a very effective competitor in every market it serves, with low fares and great customer service. As the new strategy is implemented, DL will start to introduce changes later this year and into 2003, when it transitions to the new product. The company wants to build on the success of DLX and win profitable new ground. Because of the competitive nature of the business, DL can’t share more details right now, but employees can expect to hear more about the strategy later this year.