Airbus Bizjet

Thu Dec 17, 1998 7:45 am

Im reading the latest news release from Airbus Industries and they have announced a large bizjet to compete with the BBJ.
It says its based on the 319 and the first prototype rolled out of the companies Hamburg Germany plant in October. The ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet)
will be based on the single aisle fuselage of the 319 and will have a range of 6300nms. 6 additional fuel tanks will be mounted in the cargo hold and can be installed and removed through outward swinging cargo doors. The ACJ is priced "green" at 35 million dollars USD. Airbus will make the first of 12 deliveries in November of 1999. They are hoping to produce at least 10-12 a year. Initially, the aircraft will be offered with the V2500 engines and later the GE CFM56-5B engines will also be available. No performance numbers were given.
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RE: Airbus Bizjet

Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:03 am

Hi all!
Why can't Airbus come up with any original ideas?? I might not be correct but the A320 was based on the 737,,,right??
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RE: Airbus Bizjet

Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:17 am

For comparison:


34.25 million USD, 6000+nm range, based on the 737-600 fuselage, and 46 firm orders to date.
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RE: Airbus Bizjet

Thu Dec 17, 1998 8:22 am

Um... no, not particularly! Similar external configurations, that's all, just like the BAC-111/DC-9, 727/Trident/Tu-54 and VC-10/Il-62. The 737 has evolved from a much older aircraft while the A320 was brand new from the ground up using quite different technology and philosophy.

RE: Airbus Bizjet

Thu Dec 17, 1998 2:13 pm

I completely agree with David L that the A320 is very different from the 737. It's just that the twinjet design with engines mounted on the wings is the most efficient design for narrowbodies in the last 20 or 30 years. I also totally agree that the A320 is a new design based on newer technology as opposed to the older 737. This is why the A320 outperformed the 737 Classics when it came out in the 1980's and Boeing has only caught up to the performance of the A320 family with the 737NG.