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Extra Airport Costs For A380?

Thu Aug 15, 2002 6:01 am

On this forum, I have seen a lot of topics and news, where US airports were complaining because of the extra costs to accommodate the A380.
Luckily, some reply were saying that only a little part of this money was for the A380, and that most of it was just for normal expansion of the airports.
For those who didn't believe this, here is an example I have seen tonight on the French TV.
Currently, ADP, the Paris airport authority, is renovating the pavement of runway #2 in CDG.
This has been due for quite some time. (people who have experienced bumpy rolls at CDG know what I mean)
Adp takes this opportunity to modify the runway to accommodate the A380. As it is done at the same time as the scheduled renovation, the extra cost is almost 0.
And by the end of the summer, CDG will already be able to receive the A380...

Another good news for all the spotters: due to this work, runway 4 is used for takeoff.(usually, it is used for landings)
And the view you have is really impressive !!!!!

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