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American 727'S IN Miami Replacement

Wed Oct 13, 1999 10:30 am

can anyone give a good guess as to which aircraft or aircrafts american will replace their 727's with in miami they must have at least 50 dedicated to the miami hub.what would be the logical plane to take its place and when did american receive its last 727 oh and the faa tower has been topped off it looks just like the denver tower just a little bit taller
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RE: American 727'S IN Miami Replacement

Wed Oct 13, 1999 10:44 am

My guess is the 737-800. The airplanes seat roughy the same amount of people, but the -800 has a little more range. The 738 is perfect for those Caribbean routes. Also, I do believe that is why AA bought the 738, why else would they buy a plane they have relatively little experience operating (other than the former AirCal 737-200, -300 operated for while).

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RE: American 727'S IN Miami Replacement

Wed Oct 13, 1999 11:39 am

The 727s will always be a big part of the MIA hub until the are all gone. They will be replaced with a mixture of 738s and 757s and a few MD-80s mmixed in also, and the 777s will be making their way down to MIA next year. The 727s and 738s seating capacity are indeed much alike, however the 727 has a bigger cargo hold and can be a major problem for the 738s going to South american and the carribbean, as those travelers often pack huge boxes and as many as 4-5 bags per passenger, so thats where the 757s fit in when the 727s cant cut it......And the 757s get bulked out going into places like Quito, Cali, LaPaz, and a few others. Thats why our DFW-LIMA Peru flt went to 7672, we would max the A/C out and still leave 8-9 carts of cargo, mail and even baggage behind.......
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RE: American 727'S IN Miami Replacement

Thu Oct 14, 1999 3:56 am

i think the 738's will be introducted in miami very slowly and methodically ther are more 727's in miami than the dfw and ord hubs and they wont go away from miami just like that and a little mix of 757's would not be out of the realm of possibility as stated by a previous replier