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Another Carrier At Cou?

Sat Aug 17, 2002 4:21 pm

There was a rumor at work today that COU (Columbia, Missouri) is going to get a second airline.
Currently we have Trans States (American Connection). A few years ago we had the failed expirment called Ozark (now Great Plains) which naturally flopped very quickly (considering that MCI and STL are both just a two hour drive)

Anyone around here know of anyone looking at COU. Given all of the reasons I have already stated I would be highly surprised but who knows.
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RE: Another Carrier At Cou?

Fri Aug 30, 2002 4:10 pm

I doubt it. The only way I could see service *successfully* expanding at COU is if AA added RJ flights to ORD and/or DFW.

This is why I think the OZ experiment failed, because they weren't integrated into the fare structure of another airline, no one really wanted to pay the extra $140+ for a separate ticket (assuming a connection in MDW or DFW.) And, there's not much to connect to in MDW other than TZ.

I would imagine that American Eagle or Trans States RJ flights from COU-ORD would be successful based solely on access to a major hub. But I doubt they are considering this considering AA as a whole is looking to cut service, not add it.

It would be nice to see COU grow to something bigger and better but people here seem awfully used to driving to STL or MCI. I have heard that loads are up since 9-11 presumably because of the shorter lines and less hassle. Also I think Trans States' switch from the J31 to the J41 a couple years back made a big improvement in public perception, no one liked those little shoeboxes with no F/A or bathroom and the weird hump-thing around row 5. The J41 is more like a "real" airplane.

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RE: Another Carrier At Cou?

Sat Aug 31, 2002 7:14 am

Ozark did have a codeshare connection with AA at DFW. There were numerous problems other than that in Ozark's business plan. But hopefully Great Plains will be able to grow into a profitable carrier with the 328s.