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Denver 727

Sun Aug 18, 2002 3:09 pm

For as long as I've been going to Denver (a few years) I have seen a 727 parked near the eastern part of the airport in front of the hangers. Does anybody know what that is for. Now that United Junked there 727s its still there. Does anybody know what the are planning to do with it. I know someone who would be very intrested in buying that.
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RE: Denver 727

Mon Aug 19, 2002 12:58 am

My understanding is that one particular 727 is not airworthy at all and will probably be donated to the City and County of Denver.
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RE: Denver 727

Mon Aug 19, 2002 4:24 am

ILUV767 said that UA parted it out too much to make a ferry flight to Victorville,so as Flashmeister said,it may be donated.
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RE: Denver 727

Mon Aug 19, 2002 6:36 am

There are talks to either donate it to the Airport Fire Department in Denver Int'l Airport, or donate it to some museum in Denver.

I'm hoping for the latter.

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