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C5A & B Galaxy Re-Engine

Thu Oct 14, 1999 9:01 am

MAC_Vet's post earlier got me thinking about the military freighters the U.S. has (he referred to the C141B) and I dug through some of the relatively recent articles about re-engining the C5 Galaxys. One of the frontrunning candidates is the rugged CF6-80C derated to about 52,000 lbs. of thrust (compared to the present TF39's 41,100 lbs thrust, 43,000 APR). Another candidate is the RR Trent 500. Has anyone heard anything further? I know the payload, range, airport performance would improve dramatically with the new engines as well as the fact they are much more reliable than the TF39-1C's presently in use. The engine upgrade coupled with the avionics upgrade will result in a huge improvement in reliability and maintenance needs.
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RE: C5A & B Galaxy Re-Engine

Thu Oct 14, 1999 9:38 am

Well, I doubt that they would get RR engines. Why, they are made in Britain, and despite the fact that I love RRs the most (the Merlin, quitepossibly the best piston engine ever) the USAF loves to stay domestic for security reasons. Look also for the PW 2040 off of the MD17. I don't know if the PWs are powerful enough but it would give the AF a lot of commonallity in engine type and maintainence.

Just something to consider.
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RE: C5A & B Galaxy Re-Engine

Fri Oct 15, 1999 3:55 am

I am a C-5 Mechanic for the USAF, and we are being told that the engine program is on hold due to budgetary constaints. They need to do something fast, with a 70% launch reliability rate, and alot of that stems from engine related problems. I think that the
CF-6-80C2 will be the likely choice for it. Performance wise it will be like having a 5th engine on it. The TF-39 is getting real old, and we are doing alot of engine changes here lately.
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