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First On Time BA Flight In Weeks

Wed Aug 21, 2002 5:22 am

Tonight they finaly managed to get a flight on time.
The BA027/8028 LGW/GCI was on time. You are probibly wondering why I say this. Well it seems to be a big thing to get flights on time out of LGW for BA. And here in Guernsey evrybody is fed up with it. I have never seen so many passengers pissed off with ba than in the past three months. Last month BA had 4% of all flights on time and we do have about four flights every day (apart from sat and sunday, we do have three than). Can you imagine. Over a 100 flights and oly 4% was on time. These days passengers are coming to the check in desk and the first thing they ask is: "How late are we today".
Well hopefully BA will change soon because otherwise they will end up with no pax at all.
"You should have gone to specsavers"