Equally High Standards For Alliance Airlines

Wed Aug 21, 2002 7:45 am

Hi; this is just something I've thought about briefly.

But do you not think that members of a particular airline alliance should strive to provide a decent standard of in-flight service, across the board?

If one alliance member airline gains a reputation for below-par cabin service, do you think this is potentially damaging for the other members of the same alliance?

I won't name specific airlines, but I was struck by the contrast in cabin service between 2 airlines in the oneworld alliance; one provided very reasonable service, with regular drinks rounds, a happy crew and an on-time departure.

The other was pretty much the reverse, even though both were members of the same oneworld alliance.

Is there any kind of quality control within these alliances? Shouldn't there be, or will travellers always just avoid those with a bad rep?

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RE: Equally High Standards For Alliance Airlines

Wed Aug 21, 2002 11:11 am

The funny thing is that I read that one of Oneworld's guidelines was that all of the member airlines provide at least decent service. Just out of curiosity how long were the flights and in what region were they? I can justify for AA that they aren't making huge profits and are just about average with most US based airlines, so whether you fly AA,DL, or UA, the service will be pretty much the same.

As far as whether it hurts the alliance, I am sure it does in some ways. If Oneworld airline "A" provides weak service in a market that Star airline "B" provides excellent service, there will probably be a drift in the market in favor of Star. However, if "A" and "B" offer similar service in the same market, then it shouldn't make a huge difference except maybe the other airline(s) you would fly in order to get to that market. If Star's airline has weak service and Oneworld's has excellent, then Oneworld would probably win that market.

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