AAdvantage Member Email -- Hub/Fleet Change Info

Wed Aug 21, 2002 8:37 am

I am an American Airlines AAdvantage member, and I just got this email from them. It addresses the announced fleet, flight & staff cutbacks, as well as the hub de-peaking at ORD & DFW. Thought I'd share...

Dear Brett Mayes,

You may be aware that we have been conducting a comprehensive review of everything we do at American to find better ways to run our business to provide better overall performance. The major part of that review has been focused on the products and services you, our customers, have told us you value.

Some of the recently announced business changes are a direct result of that review. These changes were made with an eye toward improving your experience with us, while adjusting to the significant challenges we are facing in the airline industry.

First, we announced that we will reduce our capacity by 9 percent for the fall. We've also begun to simplify our fleet, reducing the type of aircraft we operate down to seven. Internationally, we will continue to serve all of our primary business markets including Europe, Asia and deep South America with our Boeing 777s - offering fully flat seats in first class, 60-inch legroom in business class and More Room Throughout Coach(R) seating. Other markets in Europe, Latin America and Hawaii will be served with our newly configured 767-300 fleet, featuring 30 business class seats with 60-inch legroom and 182 More Room Throughout Coach seats.

For persons who have already booked fall travel, our reservations professionals will be contacting you to rebook any flights affected by our schedule changes. And remember, as you do your travel planning, you can always go to American's web site,, to make bookings or keep tabs on current schedules. To check on flights once you've booked, we offer Flight Status Notification, an exclusive service that will send updated flight information to your equipped pager, cell phone or e-mail. Just go to .

Next we announced that starting November 1, based on successful changes we've made at Chicago O'Hare, we'll be changing our largest hub at Dallas-Fort Worth to adjust our schedule and spread flights more evenly throughout the day.

Anyone who uses our Chicago hub has seen an improved level of efficiency since we "de-peaked" our schedule - that is, eliminated the crowded banks of flights all leaving and departing in clusters spread every few hours throughout the day. Instead, we distributed the schedule more evenly throughout the day. Now, our customers experience easier connections and less time on runways resulting in better on-time performance and an overall improvement in how our operations run in Chicago.

For local Chicago passengers, an added benefit for our customers is a broader choice of flight times throughout the day. For connecting passengers, the scheduling change is designed to improve your travel experience by adding, on average, only 10-12 minutes between flights -- enough extra time to make the difference between running and walking to catch your connecting flight.

We will continue to offer a number of ways to simplify and streamline travel for you - like electronic tickets, Self-Service Check-In and Curbside Check-In to get you through the airport faster. And of course, we will still be the only airline that offers More Room Throughout Coach.

The changes we are making are designed to continue to provide our customers the very best choices, the finest service and the greatest convenience during these challenging times. That is our top priority. Though the airline business and air travel are changing, the professionalism of our people and our fundamental commitment to our customers, and to this industry, will not. We are in this business for the long term, and we will continue to earn your business as the world's leading airline.

Mike Gunn
Executive Vice President - Marketing and Planning

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RE: AAdvantage Member Email -- Hub/Fleet Change Info

Wed Aug 21, 2002 9:53 am

Same here! I do got read an emailed from AA too...  Smile
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RE: AAdvantage Member Email -- Hub/Fleet Change Info

Wed Aug 21, 2002 11:05 am

I never got any email...
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RE: AAdvantage Member Email -- Hub/Fleet Change Info

Wed Aug 21, 2002 11:09 am


Got it today. This is just good customer service on AA's part. They've sent a few since 9/11 on the status of AA operations and info on the company.

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RE: AAdvantage Member Email -- Hub/Fleet Change Info

Wed Aug 21, 2002 1:38 pm

Anyone notice longer waits between connecting flights?TC
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