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Lauda Italy

Fri Oct 15, 1999 1:12 am

I just saw a picture in a magazine of a Lauda 767 with a green tail. Apparently this is Lauda Air Italy. I had no idea they had a subsidiary. Does anyone know more about it? Like where they fly, do they code share with Lauda itself etc etc?
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RE: Lauda Italy

Fri Oct 15, 1999 5:00 pm

They have three 767 based in Italy
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RE: Lauda Italy

Sat Oct 16, 1999 12:14 am

Lauda Air Italia is a subsidary of the original Lauda Air Ag from Vienna. Formed some time ago as a charter operator to exotic destinations operating 2-3 B763. From 1997 they started to operate sheduled regular service from Milano to Kuala Lumpur, Cuba and some other Caribbean destination in competition to Alitalia. During the 1999 started sheduled flights with a fleet of Candair RJ, first lised from the mother house and now their's own. They started to fly from the airports in North Italy to the European destination and start to code-share flights on behalf of AZ to feed MXP and some other thin routes (due to the fact AZ still have no RJ). To distinguish it's look from the Lauda Air AG they repainted their planes changing one of the two red lines ( Austrian Natinal flg ) to green one ( Italian National flag). I have read that they will grow theirs's RJ fleet up to 7-10. Personally I do not like the new look ( it is too Alitalia looking like especially on the tail ) but they are famous for the service on board and the kidness.

Hope that this helps you.

Savo Vulevic, Salerno - Italia