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New International Airport At Pilning - Good Idea

Fri Aug 23, 2002 7:26 am

Hi folks,

As you may be aware, UK air travel is set to rise by a tremendous amount in the next 10 years. Unfortunetely growth is expected to be so much, and at such a pace, that no existing airport can handle such growth. As a result, a huge overhaul of most of britains airports was recently announced by the british government (or should that be... English?)...

Many ideas have sprung up from this, for example the addition of 4 more runways at stansted, an extra runway at LHR, and expansion at other UK regional airports. One of the main options in the west country was, to either expand Bristol International or build a huge new airport at Pilning (2 miles north of Bristol near the River severn, and severn crossings), capable of handling 15 million passengers and a huge amount of cargo, and with easy options to expand.

This airport would effectively cope with the growth that LHR (already operating at limits) couldn't handle, and would be able to cater for all air travellers within a catchment area of some 100 miles. The reason for this is its excellent position, situated within 5 miles of the UK's 8th biggest city, 30 miles from the Capital of Wales, Cardiff, and with easy access of most of the surrounding area. Being only 4 miles from the M4 interchange, which brings together motorways from Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Exeter. And of course, being 5 miles from one of Britains biggest ports, Avonmouth.

I think that this would be a great idea, and of course its only 3 miles from my house  Big grin. But if you think about it, this would solve alot of problems. However many of the locals aren't happy about it, as you would expect. And of course, neither is the managing director of bristol airport, but expanding Bristol, which is already expected to handle 5 million passengers next year, is near to impossible.

Add to this that, Birmingham will soon be reaching capacity, along with LHR which, except with the addition of Terminal 5, is already reaching capacity, will make this a very good idea.

Only problem is, i'll probably in Copenhagen before building even begins, hehe  Smile.

Good idea though? would solve alot of problems!!