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DC10 Fans - A Video For You!

Fri Oct 15, 1999 1:49 am

I am just watching a video of a Lufthansa DC10 flight, from Frankfurt to Beijing. It is an EXCELLENT ***** film and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in aircraft, but particularly the DC10. Not only does it give a full story of the flight there and back, but you are shown around the cockpit and instruments- and there's fascinating archive footage. It was originally in German - it is produced by a company called BL&P - so it is dubbed, but that doesn't detract from it. I've always admired the DC10 and even some 747 pilots I've met say that the DC10 cockpit is one of the nicest they've ever worked in.

This is really well worth getting hold of!
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RE: DC10 Fans - A Video For You!

Fri Oct 15, 1999 7:32 am

Thanks for letting us know. I like the DC-10. I would definitely like to watch this tape. There is also a tape exclusively about American Airlines, I should order it next time I go to the United States, including views from the DFW tower as well as the cockpit on an MD-11 on final approach where the pilots are handling an emergency: two engines out! You seem to like the DC-10 so you normally will enjoy watching the story of a long time DC-10 customer and the flightdeck of an MD-11 in action.
Enjoy the video.

Ben Soriano
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Ben Soriano