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Sri Lanken

Sat Aug 24, 2002 1:00 am

Has anyone out there flown on a Sri lanken A340?
I have just booked a flight to CMB ex LHR and do not know the first thing about the route? Is it direct or via Male?
What the service is like and even whether the airport is now safe at CMB.
I would appreciate some info if anyone out there has some

Cheers. Jfazzer
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RE: Sri Lanken

Mon Aug 26, 2002 8:39 am

Jfazzer, Srilankan is a great airline. Their service is warm and excellent. I have flown on their A340s and their A330s and in each, all classes have PTV's in all seats. Their catering is excellent and they have improved their punctuality out if sight. You are bound to have great flight with them.

The airport is safe as it can be. There is currently now a ceasefire (since Jan of ths year) so things are really quiet there now. This has seen large number of tourists coming to SriLanka (especially Germans) So do not even worry on that repsect.

Srilanakn operates 9 flights per week between Colombo and London with A340-300 aircraft. Only the Wednesday and Friday departures from London go via Male (UL 502) , the rest is all direct. Need any more info? Then go their website... http://www.srilankan.lk

Are you staying in Colombo? If so for how long? Being a regular visitor to Sri Lanka, I can give you some tips on sightseeing. If that is the case, just send me an email and I will be more than happy to help you out. Hope you find all this useful. Smile
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RE: Sri Lanken

Mon Aug 26, 2002 1:57 pm

As mentioned earlier by Zizou, SriLankan Airlines offers superb inflight service and I recently flew on its A340-300 4R-ADA from BKK to CMB. You will love the service you get onboard, and the food is good too. The "touch-screen" seat-back IFE is a joy to handle and I particularly love the forward-looking view when the aircraft is taking off and landing.

Bandaranaike International Airport is as safe as can be, and they now even boasts a domestic flight from Colombo to the Jaffna peninsula - by Expo Aviation operating an Ilyushin IL-18!!! If you have the chance, try this out. It inaugurated this route on 10 Aug 2002.

Visit the Sri Lankan Tourism Board's website at http://www.srilankatourism.org and I am certain you will want to spend some time in this beautiful country.

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RE: Sri Lanken

Mon Aug 26, 2002 6:13 pm

Everything I would say has already been said by Zizou and Aviasian.

SriLankan is pretty cool!
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RE: Sri Lanken

Thu Sep 05, 2002 3:42 pm

One more thing to add.. In flight duty-free is of best value and the selection is great, compared to United I just flew SFO-MEL.

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