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Northwest DC-9 Emergency Landing

Fri Oct 15, 1999 5:25 am

Apparently a Northwest DC-9 lost a wheel ( don't quote me on that ) at MDW and just made an emergency landing ad DTW ... I just heard it on the news. I thought people may want to know.
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RE: Northwest DC-9 Emergency Landing

Sat Oct 16, 1999 9:24 am

I heard about this on the News. At YWG(Winnipeg International Airport) This happened in January. A Northwest DC-9 was landing at Winnipeg in the winter when it hit the runway its noise wheel went off and the DC-9 ended up plowing its personal taxiway off the runway. The Airport Authority wasn't impressed.
Shawn Trotman 
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RE: Northwest DC-9 Emergency Landing

Tue Oct 19, 1999 3:52 am

I was reading on Airdisaster.com the other day and it mentioned this incident. The tire that fell off the DC-9 on take off in Chicago, went though a fence and hit a pregnant lady in her car. (Not a situation that i would want to be in) The ladies injuries were not to serious, but scared her very much. As we know the plane landed safely at Chicago's Midway airport.