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Russian Airliners

Sun Aug 25, 2002 4:17 pm

Hi, maybe this have been discussed before but I would like to know why many of Russian-made airplanes have been painted red at the edges of its wings?

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RE: Russian Airliners

Sun Aug 25, 2002 5:19 pm


Good question; my idea is that on snow-covered airports, which traffic on the ground, normally you cannot really see the end of the wings (they blend in with the snow), so to provide clearance with other traffic they are painted red. So it makes them more visible. I am not sure if this is true, but just my idea about it!

What IS true is that former Aeroflot aircraft operating in the Arctic and snow covered regions had red colours and red wing surfaces to make them more visible in the white environment, thats why I believe they painted the wingtips red too Big thumbs up

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RE: Russian Airliners

Sun Aug 25, 2002 11:24 pm

I do think it´s for visibility, some western planes had it also.

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RE: Russian Airliners

Sun Aug 25, 2002 11:27 pm

And of course Astrojet in western countries there is no snow !!!