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Flying Between India And UAE

Tue Aug 27, 2002 12:02 am

This is a really interesting article I was reading on a newspaper site in India. I wonder what all this will do to flights timing between India and the U.A.E and if Emirates Airlines will be doing the same on there aircraft or it's just Air India and Indian Airlines and other airlines that fly between U.A.E and India. Cathay Pacific flies Mumbai-Dubai. I wonder if they have a say in all this.

(Article is from www.deccan.com) newspaper from Hyderabad, India.

UAE to fumigate jets from India

Dubai, Aug. 25: It harks back to the time when Indians going abroad became untouchables in the mid-nineties when the country was under the threat of the bulbonic plague.

Planes entering Indian airspace were completely fumigated when they reached their out-bound destinations, though the disease ??? admittedly deadly ??? was confined to a few pockets.

Now, the United Arab Emirates is looking at fumigating passenger planes from India from next month to prevent epidemics, especially malaria. Giving India dubious credit are Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan.

A large number of people from all these countries go to Dubai for employment, mainly skilled labour. The Ministry of Health here is awaiting approval for the move as these countries were recently hit by floods and the expatriates will soon be returning from their annual vacation, a top health official said.

Thus, even aircraft from the southern parts of the country, those that don???t touch the flood-hit North, will be fumigated.

The UAE has more or less eradicated malaria through preventive measures but there were instances of the disease coming from abroad, Dr Juma Bilal, head of preventive medicine at the Ministry of Health, told the Gulf News.

???It is called airport malaria,??? he said, adding such cases have been also reported in the United Kingdom and France. ???We have requested the Ministry of Health and Civil Aviation to cooperate with us on the issue.??? UAE is to be declared malaria free in October this year.

It is not clear how the planes are intended to be fumigated, though the popular measure is to spray insecticides inside the aircraft when it lands at the destination.

(Here is link the the article)