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CX108 AKL/HKG 28 August 2002

Thu Aug 29, 2002 6:20 pm

According to the Cathay website, CX108 Auckland - Hong Kong, scheduled departure 12:50 28 August did not take off for Hong Kong until 14:30 on the 29th. Actual arrival time for CX107 inbound to Auckland on the 28th was 10:57, about a quarter of an hour earlier than scheduled.

This means that a Cathay Pacific Airbus spent over 24 hours at Auckland Airport, and no CX service operated on the 28th August from Auckland to Hong Kong.

My questions are:
1. Why the delay?
2. What was the registration?
3. How 'not happy' are those passengers on CX108 on the 28th going to be?!
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RE: CX108 AKL/HKG 28 August 2002

Thu Aug 29, 2002 7:49 pm

Don't no why.

Heard the Rego was B-HXO, think that was the aircraft last Saturday aswell.