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Why 767-400ER No Fbw?

Sat Oct 16, 1999 1:30 pm

hi everybody. i'm back.

I was just wodernig why Boeing does not put Fly by wire technology into 737NG and 767-400s?
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RE: Why 767-400ER No Fbw?

Sat Oct 16, 1999 1:38 pm

The 767-400ER has almost the exact same cockpit as the 777 does with more features included, so it is FBW. The 737NG was designed to replace the existing 737's and since it was cheaper to train crews without having to retrain to use FBW it was attractive to many airlines including Delta and American, which combined have ordered around 300.
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RE: Why 767-400ER No Fbw?

Sat Oct 16, 1999 1:45 pm

I don't think that the 767-400ER is FBW. Just because they have the same cockpit layout doesn't mean that they are both FBW.

As for why no FBW? It would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to design and impliment a FBW system. So, they decided to keep costs down and go with the systems that they had been using for years.
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RE: Why 767-400ER No Fbw?

Sun Oct 17, 1999 12:20 am

I am surprised to know the new 767-400 isn't fly-by-wire! I thought all new aircraft were designed to be. Seems a bit primitive. But to be honest, I've read that pilots prefer to know their control inputs are going directly to the flaps, aeilerons, etc. than through a computer. Kinda like having a 5-speed vs. automatic transmission in a car.  
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RE: Why 767-400ER No Fbw?

Sun Oct 17, 1999 5:33 am

Hi guys: I'm a B757/767 pilot for Continental,
We'll be receiving our first B767-400 in July
2000 right after Delta, My training for the
-400 will be in May. But what I do know about
the aircraft is that my Type Rating is good
in the -400 with just a one day CBT computer
class, and one simulator ride. Boeing did not
add FBW in and effort to control cost of design
and additional training. If anyone needs ref.
the Boeing website and Aero Mag. issue 03.
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RE: Why 767-400ER No Fbw?

Mon Oct 18, 1999 10:59 pm

Just my two cents worth: The engines (CF6-80CBF8) are FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) engines, so technically, they are FBW.

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Boeing Design Philoshphy?

Thu Oct 21, 1999 9:31 pm

It seems that Beoing have a weired airplane design philosphy. The 777 designed nearly 10 years ago have FBW, while 737NG in 1993 and 767-400in 1997 have n FBW. I heard some guy said it was because of commonolaity-but what has FBW has in common with traditional airliners? Nothing!!!!

I thnk FBW should be incoprated into new Boeing jets to make it more attrative.