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Boeing Surpasses Earnings Estimates/Airbus Survey

Sat Oct 16, 1999 1:41 pm

Today 4 companies upgraded Boeing's future outlook with the annoucment of its earnings for the third quarter, which surpassed estimates. Also, Airbus today announced the its passengers perferred the A-340 nearly 3-1 over the 777. Hmm, and Boeing is reporting that the 777 outperforms the A-340/330 nearly 3-1, what's wrong with this?
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RE: Boeing Surpasses Earnings Estimates/Airbus Survey

Mon Oct 18, 1999 2:06 pm

...and you don't think the Airbus survey wasn't just a tiny bit biased???
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RE: Boeing Surpasses Earnings Estimates/Airbus Survey

Tue Oct 19, 1999 10:31 am

Of course not charles....heh,heh. Yes Boeing has surpassed the expectations of its profits,and it is in the running for the JSF fighter. If Boeing wins the JSF contract thats an extra 200 BILLION over a 20 year period,(from Defense Weekly).

So now,can we STOP WHINNING about Boeing's future. Airbus has made this stale company wake up and start innovating again. Competition is not always fair,but always good. Keep up the good work Boeing.