Just Planes' "World Air Routes"

Sun Oct 17, 1999 6:11 am

Hello All,

Has anyone tried any of Just Planes' new video series, "World Air Routes"? How do they compare in quality and content to their "Flight in the Cockpit" videos? Are they mostly just scenery and unstructured viewing of the flight crew, or is there some interaction with the pilots, such as explaining the systems of the aircraft and flight operations as in their other vids? I must say that I'm looking forward to their Citybird B767 video with its LAX and OAK destinations.

--Tom Heaney
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RE: Just Planes' "World Air Routes"

Sun Oct 17, 1999 9:32 pm

I haven't actually seen the videos, but if it's anything as good as the most recent "From the cockpit" videos, it should be very good. However, you should go to the World Air Routes website, which has an excellent series of still shots from some of the videos, most recently the Air Malta A320 and Balair A310 ones. Well worth a visit and the photos are extremely clear.