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Sun Oct 17, 1999 9:08 am

Does anyone how much it is yearly for a subscription to Jeppesen's IFR chart service?

Also to the airline pilots other there, when you make it to the airlines do they carry the price for this subsciption?

- Neil Harrison
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Sun Oct 17, 1999 9:14 am

Jeppesen is the main supplier to the aviation industry, and they have many different coverage packages at many different prices. For example, if your company only flew east of the Mississippi, there'd be no sense in having plates for LAX, etc. Most airlines have "tailored" coverage manuals specifically for the airports that are listed in an airline's particular Operations Specifications as being authorized for. The airlines pick-up the cost for each pilot. In the general aviation or bizjet world, it varies. I thing the rough price for a nationwide coverage is about $700 a year, which includes weekly revisions. Check out Jeppesen's site at (naturally) www.jeppesen.com for more specifics.
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Sun Oct 17, 1999 10:32 am

Some airlines only supply the aircraft with a set of Jeppsens, some supply the entire crew, and some supply on the captain. It's different for all airlines.

If you want to use Jeppsens but don't want to incure the cost of an entire subscription get the Jepp Express pack at the local pilot supplystore. They have all the plates for a certain region. There are no updates. You must buy anew pack every few weeks. But you only buy them if you need them, saving some money.