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What Would CO/DL/NW Code Share Do To AS?

Mon Sep 02, 2002 8:04 pm

What would this code share deal mean to Alaska? AS has code share deals with NW and CO already, but what would that mean to the deal with AA?? It would seem like AS would be it the best position of all the airlines if this goes!!
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RE: What Would CO/DL/NW Code Share Do To AS?

Tue Sep 03, 2002 1:46 am

Chances are, AS' codeshare operations would remain constant, as there is currently no relationship with DL. If anything, DL would probably negotiate some deal with AS. That would be kind of funny, as DL should have done this a long time ago, at least when their farce of a Portland hub was still operational.

I don't think NW/CO/DL would pressure AS to drop their deal with AA--that is, unless they intend to invite AS into the Wings/Skyteam alliance.

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RE: What Would CO/DL/NW Code Share Do To AS?

Tue Sep 03, 2002 4:57 am

Yeah, It might do think about with AA will have a planned drop on AS codeshare. It should be no longer as for use with the codeshare with AA/AS. Don't you even to think know about something itself next. It doesn't not much use with Alaska Airlines with American Airlines for the long time. Do you like to know about anything to do by the now. Well, let me know! Thanks!