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Misc. Questions

Sun Oct 17, 1999 10:48 am

1. How do you put those smiley faces there?

2. Do you know of any aviation universities in Canada?

3. Do you know an exact date when Air Canada gets its A330?

4. Anybody ever heard of West Point College of Aeronautics in Calgary?

5. Do you know any Aviation Universities in the US that will accept Canadians?, (Purdue doesn't apparently).

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RE: Misc. Questions

Sun Oct 17, 1999 11:02 am

It doesn't matter if you're canadian... you can still go to school here. You'll probably have to pay more for not being a resident. Same as any school. EXAMPLE: I live in Michigan. If I wanted to go to school in Ohio, I'd have to pay more because I'm a non-resident of that state. American universities have people from all over the world. They don't discriminate based on nationality.
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RE: Misc. Questions

Sun Oct 17, 1999 11:36 am

AC_A340 what are you talking about that Purdue doesn't take Canadans? Where did you find this out... because if they don't, I'm going to make a big stink abou it.

The only thing that I know is that you'd have to have to get the FAA equiliviant of your licenses when you apply...

I'm currently attending Pudue University... so if there's anything you want to know... either myself or Purdue Cadet will be happy to inform you  

P.S. The smiley faces are made with a colin and a ) right next to each other.   Read the Help section for more infromation.

- Neil Harrison
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RE: Misc. Questions

Sun Oct 17, 1999 11:47 am

I was told that Air Canada will receive their first A330 on October the 4th. Which has came and gone and there is nothing on the Airbus or AC site so i'm having second thought. I haven't seen it at YYZ either.


RE: Misc. Questions

Sun Oct 17, 1999 12:36 pm

He's right - According to Purdue's website, applicants to our flight program must be citizens of the United States, so only Canadians (or other foreign citizens) with dual citizenship are eligible.

Is it safe to assume, Joel, that you do not have US citizenship and don;t want me to send that info from Purdue anymore?
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Purdue Cadet

Mon Oct 18, 1999 12:03 am

Yeah, don't bother unless they change there policy.