Delta Emergency Landing In Toronto

Sun Oct 17, 1999 12:05 pm

I just got back from the airport, and I saw a Delta Airlines MD88 make an emergency landing.

Delta Flight 441 was on its way from Toronto to Memphis with a stopover in Atlanta. It left on time at 8:30 PM Toronto time, departing on Runway 24R, and returned about 5 minutes later, on 24L.

I was listening on my scanner, and the pilot reported smoke, although I'm not sure where the smoke was located, whether it was inside or outside the aircraft, since I didn't see it up close while it was landing - I was near 24R, but I could see it made a real sharp turn on final approach, and it landed safely. Before it landed, all air traffic around 24L was cleared away from the area as the air traffic controller told a United Airlines aircraft near 24L that "An emergency is in progress". All aircraft went on 24R while this was going on. Afterwards, the controller asked the pilot if he would like to evacuate the aircraft, but the pilot said that it would not be necessary unless the emergency crews on the ground noticed smoke. I just checked Delta Airlines' website, and it shows that the flight is at the gate, and is expected to depart Toronto at 10:00 PM. I'll try to find out more information later.
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RE: Delta Emergency Landing In Toronto

Sun Oct 17, 1999 12:48 pm

I saw that plane land on 24L at about 19:30-19:45.
It said in the news that the flight attendant noticed a suspicious odor in the cabin and reported it to the captain.

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RE: Delta Emergency Landing In Toronto

Sun Oct 17, 1999 1:12 pm

Knowing Delta it was dinner!

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RE: Delta Emergency Landing In Toronto

Mon Oct 18, 1999 7:30 am

I doubt it was dinner. It was probably just some minor problem with the plane.

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RE: Delta Emergency Landing In Toronto

Mon Oct 18, 1999 11:45 am

There's no such thing as a minor problem with a plane when the plane is in the air. A bad smell could be the smell of something cooking, aside from dinner. And if it is something else cooking, you may have only a few minutes to get out. Imagine you are in your car and you smell something that may be a burning smell. But you can not pull over, stop, and get out for at least 20-25 minutes. That's as scary as it gets. That's not a minor problem.
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