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Question On This Delta MD-11

Wed Sep 04, 2002 12:31 am

Hi all, upon browsing through some of my photos I found this photo:

(If that does not work go here:

On the the #1 engine it looks like part of the engine was missing and they replaced it with a spare but did not repaint it. I presume that is what it is, am I correct?
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RE: Question On This Delta MD-11

Wed Sep 04, 2002 12:50 am

I can not access your link, but I assume (since it is common) that you are referring to a engine cowling with two different paint schemes. DAL has three different paint schemes current on its fleet. When swapping out parts like noses cones and engine cowlings maintenance doesn't pay attention to the paint schemes and you end up get a mix and match type fleet. It drives some of us pilots crazy since it looks like crap, but we can't change the process by complaining. Or at least it has not worked yet.