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AA Emergencey Landing At ORD This Morning

Fri Sep 06, 2002 2:28 am

Well I was going to school today and I was listening on the radio at this traffic guy in his chopper and he said that there was this American MD-80 making an emergencey landing at ORD where he was. The AA MD-80 was going MSP-ORD when it was taking off and it's left tire fell off and that's what led to this emergencey. The plane landed on 9-L safely and taxiied back to the terminal.
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RE: AA Emergencey Landing At ORD This Morning

Fri Sep 06, 2002 8:46 am

There is no MD-80 between MSP-ORD. I checked American and flight tracker. It's a Fokker 100. Who say that MD-80? Media isn't? Media always wrong information. Here it is:

American's flight status:

Fokker 100

MSP Minneapolis, 09/05/2002 6:20 AM 6:11 AM E14
ORD Chicago, 09/05/2002 7:33 AM 8:10 AM T3 H18

and flight tracker shows:

Airline American
Flight Number 1154
Departure City (Airport) Minneapolis, MN (MSP)
Departure Time 09/05/2002 06:21 AM
Arrival City (Airport) Chicago, IL (ORD)
Arrival Time 09/05/2002 07:10 AM
Remaining Flight Time 00:00
Aircraft Type Fokker 100
Current Altitude 0 feet
Current Groundspeed 0 mph
Flight Status Landed


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RE: AA Emergencey Landing At ORD This Morning

Fri Sep 06, 2002 9:17 am

Hasn't AA had trouble in the past keeping wheels on the Fokkers?
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RE: AA Emergencey Landing At ORD This Morning

Fri Sep 06, 2002 7:58 pm

I think so. Didn't one of them have it's landing gear collapse upon landing in DFW? That particular aircraft was withdrawn from service because it was damaged beyound economical repair, I guess it's still down there resting in DFW should spare parts be needed for another Fokker aircraft.
The one that just had this incident at O'Hare, will it be returned to service after repair or will it be retired because there is no point spending money repairing it? I'm asking that becasue we all know American has decided to remove the Fokker 100's within the next three years, for technical and economical reasons. Maybe it will be returned to service because it looks like it can be repaired within economical repair, it's not like the one that lost its gears in DFW where all passengers had to escape through the emergency slides.
Yes, all ORD-MSP flights are Fokker 100's.

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