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Interesting Security Breech At GSO Tuesday

Sat Sep 07, 2002 10:32 am

This was NOT in the news, which is strange that it wasn't, but I got the story first hand.

A friend of mine is a flight instructor about to start with ACA soon, and this story came from him first hand as he was landing at the time it happened.

Tuesday midday, he was coming in on Runway 14 and noticed a car a K1 when he was landing. Once he landed, he watch the car go from 14 down to 32 (crossing runway 5/23). He figured it was an airport car and the airport knew about it because he didn't switch to the ground frequency yet. He was sitting there and heard Tower give a NW flight the clearance for takeoff. He heard the NW pilot refuse takeoff because the car had moved DIRECTLY in front of the NW DC-9 on runway 5/23. The NW pilot notified the tower who didn't know the car was out there.

The Airport police swarm the car, of course. Ends up, there was a 94 year old woman that followed a cement mixer on an access road leading to 14/32 (runway extension project) and passed him right before the gates to the runway and GOT LOST driving on the taxiways and the runways. She was looking for the Marriott of all things!!!!!

Regardless, that is kind of scary that a random person got on the tarmac service like that so easily considering the unreal restrictions and gates they have around general aviation now.
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RE: Interesting Security Breech At GSO Tuesday

Sat Sep 07, 2002 10:44 am

Haha, how great is that headline in the paper going to be! I wouldnt be too worried about breaches like that though. At most major airports there are national guardsmen and policemen guarding frequently used entryways. I have given the occaisional thought to trying to charm my way past the guards just to get some good shots. But those rifles sure look unfriendly.
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