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Code-sharing Between US Carriers?

Mon Oct 18, 1999 10:54 pm

Hello everyone,

I have a question. It was reported in 1998 that United would code-share with Delta and American with US Airways right after Northwest and Continental Airlines announced its code-sharing agreement. However, I haven't heard anything regarding this issue for quite a long time. Someone told me once that United and Delta had a reciprocal agreement for first/business class lounge use in certain airports, but that was all… Could anyone inform me if there are any common activities going on between the larger carriers? Are the US airlines placing each other's codes in their domestic flights? I thank you all in advance for the inputs.
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RE: Code-sharing Between US Carriers?

Tue Oct 19, 1999 1:43 am

Delta and United are not code sharing because the Delta pilots wouldn't approve it unless their seat on the board was upgraded to a voting seat. American and USAirways have not pursued any sort of code sharing agreement, but they did coordinate their frewuent flyer programs, as have United and Delta. Northwest and Continental, on the other hand, are code sharing. I will be flying on two Continental flights - IND-DTW and DTW-SAN - that are operated by Northwest in December. I believe that these airlines have also coordinated their frequent flyer programs.