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SAS 777-200

Thu Dec 17, 1998 3:55 pm

SAS might order Boeing 777-200's for there long-haul fleet. SAS biggest aircraft now is the 767-300. SAS will not say for sure if they will order the 777-200 but they are talking about it.

I think SAS should order the 767-400 to go with there 767-300's but the 777-200 is the best aircraft.

RE: SAS 777-200

Fri Dec 18, 1998 11:05 am

Well, thats the buzz around CPH. I really hope SK goes with the 777, but I think it's chances for getting the contract have gone down due to several mini-fiascoes:

1. Losing hammers and other poor quality in the aircraft lately.

2. Production delays

3. Reported airframe deterioration.

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RE: SAS 777-200

Fri Dec 18, 1998 11:47 am

I have heard about the delays and misplaced tools, but will someone explain the issue of 'reported airframe deterioration'? Does this involve the 777 and other recent aircraft?

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RE: SAS 777-200

Sat Dec 19, 1998 9:29 am

The 777-200 is a wonderful aircraft. It is a hard worker and so far been trouble free. I hope SAS orders them.
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SAS 777-200

Tue Dec 29, 1998 8:12 am

Well, the 777 has a reported 2% airframe effeciency deterioration. It is only now showing up in the first aircraft made and it's unknown why it does that.