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MCI-new Section Of Terminal A Is Open

Sun Sep 15, 2002 3:31 am

I just checked and found out that the new section of MCI's terminal A is open.

I walked through the new section of terminal C one month ago and it looks pretty good. Very nice, to be a little more accurate, and it looks like the new section of A is just as good.

In the pictures it appears that there is a boarding area that is on a lower level of the terminal (A). I am assuming this is for US Airways Express. Am I correct?

BTW- I have noticed a slow decrease in the number of flights offered by US Airways Express. Does anyone have any info on their plans for future service? Are they now connecting with MidEx?

Any opinions about the new terminals appearance or knowledge of US Airways operation would be appreciated.
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RE: MCI-new Section Of Terminal A Is Open

Sun Sep 15, 2002 7:39 am

That is user with Northwest at the terminal C as for itself. I did look it up with the pictures as for myself and these is very nice pictures as for KC Airport. That when my mom were did flew to MCI flight as last May 25-27, 2002 as for herself. She been flew on Delta as for her friends there. Well, later!!