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American Airlines/Reno Air Merger Question

Fri Oct 22, 1999 3:22 am

I will be flying to SEA from SJC via American Airlines. I have been seeing a lot of ex Reno Air planes flying around, pure white. I have also seen some new AA's flying that are white and not metalic. Are all of Reno's planes going to remain white with the AA logo? Or are they going to convert them back to metalic. I'm also wondering what the chances of me getting onto a normal AA plane are as opposed to an ex-Reno Air, are all the interiors converted yet as far as seats? Thanks!

RE: American Airlines/Reno Air Merger Question

Fri Oct 22, 1999 6:08 am

I think that the plan is to ultimately paint the planes that American will keep in the traditional strips on silver livery. As for getting a normal plane, I will say that, based on my observations at SAN and LAX, they seem to be operating only QQ planes on the former QQ routes. I think that this makes more sense in the computer system because of little things, like seating layouts. For example, while AAs planes have seats A-B aisle D-E-F, the QQ planes are A-C D-E-F, so it shows up a little differently. Also, the section of the AA timetable with seating charts shows three MD-80 layouts that are designated as "MD-80 West Coast". You;ll probably end up on a QQ plane, which I believe still have QQ interiors, if that route was operated by QQ (and I assume it was.)