Question About FS98

Fri Oct 22, 1999 9:17 am

Anybody who is a big expert on FS98, could you please help me?? I just want to know how to do a fully automatic landing like in a 747 or something. Please be specific like from Step 1 to when you're stopped at the end of the runway. Thanks!

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RE: Question About FS98

Fri Oct 22, 1999 10:17 am

I don't know if you tried it or not but i had problems doing fully automated landings in FS98. The aproach was fine but when you got closer to the runway and the plane drifted below or above the glideslope the autopilot overcorrected and pitched up and down very violently therefore on the way down it crashes nose first into the ground. So I couldn't and didn't do 1 sucessful automated landing.

Just something i came across.

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RE: Question About FS98

Fri Oct 22, 1999 10:06 pm

Download GPWS98 and once you've enaged approach hold on final with GPWS98 running it'll take you right down to stopping the a/c.