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What's Most Important To You About Food On Planes?

Wed Sep 25, 2002 4:38 am

With all the talk about airplane food (some love it, some hate, some complain that it is bad, otehrs complain that there is not enough)... what are your thoughts about the importance?

We can all get a better meal on the ground. While I have had very good airplane meals, I wouldn't rank any of them among the best meals in the worlds. But for some reason, the meal is a big attraction for travellers. Why?

I think it comes down to this: boredom. People get bored during fligths and need distractions. The meal gives us something to look forward to, even when we are not hungry. The meal takes anywhere from 1/2 hour to 3 hours to serve and eat. Without meals, the flight can be that much more monotanous.

That being said, what is important to me about airplane food:

1) That it be an appropriate temperature
2) That I am able to eat it with one hand/ utensil
3) That if there is only one option, it should not include meat
4) If there is a roll, it shouldn't be stale

Here is what I don't care about:

1) I couldn't care less if I "get the whole can" or not
2) I don't need to be asked my choice first (because I am elite)... There are lots of people on the plane who paid top fare while I am on an upgrade. They should get first choice.
3) Silverware. People make a big deal about having plastic silverware. I don't get why it's such an issue.

Final thought:
When passengers are finished, they need to be aware of manners. I was on a flight recenlty where the guy behind me put his dirty tray on the empty seat next to me (because he did not want to look at it). I thought this was gross.
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RE: What's Most Important To You About Food On Planes?

Wed Sep 25, 2002 4:58 am

On an airplane everything tastes good just because it is so wonderful
to fly. I have never had a bad meal during my 45 years of flying.
It's like when you're drunk. Everything is just fine.
Give me a plate of microwawed noodles and I will love it.
If it is served on an aircraft in the middle of a flight.
p.s. How can anyone get bored while flying???