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Sat Oct 23, 1999 6:01 am

I want to change career, I wonder if I have a chance to be a commercial pilot at age 33.
Thanks for any help.

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RE: Career

Sat Oct 23, 1999 6:40 am

It depends on what ratings you have, and hours. And if you have any flying Experience thanks flying_727
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Flying 727 And Answer

Sat Oct 23, 1999 7:55 am

No you are not too old to do this but you have to make the decesion soon and go throw your training in very little time around 1 year to 18 months. And then teach for a while then when you are about 35 you could join the regional and probably fly with them for a while. But I would look into the corp. side as you will not have retire at 60 like the airlines.
PS Airlines normally hire till you are in your mid 40's or so.
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RE: Flying 727 And Answer

Sat Oct 23, 1999 10:47 pm

Its never too late to correct a mistake!